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Drum Highway is amazingly thorough!

“I think it's not only great for beginners but for advanced players.” - Mark Walker

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Do any of these problems sound familiar?

  • Drummers getting lost in the chart?

  • Wish your drummers read music better?

  • Tired of losing all the progress gained during the school year over the break?

  • Looking for a resource for drummers to learn rudiments at home?

  • Searching for a good resource for jazz band audition grooves?

  • Want a starting point for incoming drummers?

From: Josh Quirk

RE: Drum Highway Members Vault

Hello, I’m Josh Quirk.

Over the last 25 years of playing and teaching I have discovered that it takes 3 main skills to be a successful drummer.

If a drummer has one of these things, they’re good.

Two and they’re great.

All three things makes them a professional drummer.

That’s why I developed my entire teaching platform around these 3 vital skills:

3 Keys To Drumming Mastery!

Key #1 – How to master the technical tricks needed to play any groove or rhythm quickly.

My Breakdown Method shows how to count and split any groove down into the component parts to resolve problem areas and get the drummer performing any groove fast!

Key # 2 – How to play, understand, and connect all styles of music.

The ability to spot the similarities within genres allows any drummer to learn new styles quickly and switch between them easily and smoothly.

This is beyond important when a jazz band chart changes styles in the middle or concert band piece changes feel.

Key # 3 – How to make good musical decisions that support the music and the band.

When the technical parts are mastered, your drummers can get on with making of music!

Dynamics in concert band, reacting to the jazz band soloist, timing in marching band.

Real life scenarios are built in to the lessons that offer powerful tips to improve the listening skills and musicality!

Listen To What Educators And Parents Had To Say About Josh And The Drum Highway Method…

  • Schools and students save money on lessons, masterclasses, and books.

  • Tech and library budgets often help offset membership costs.

  • It’s like having a private teacher on staff all the time.

  • No travel for lessons because the student can access Drum Highway at home.

  • Drum Highway helps your students giving you time to focus on other areas.

Drum Highway Has Been Honored To Show At Many Music Educator Conferences Including

The Midwest Clinic and TMEA!

Getting direct feedback from educators and students has been a big part of why Drum Highway works!

“…In my experience, what separates the best musicians from the impressive technicians is their ability to get inside the music they are playing, to understand the essence of it and express it through their instrument.

That’s why I am loving Drum Highway!”

— Steve Ferrone

Steve Ferrone of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and The Average White Band as well as dozens of other gold and platinum albums.

“Drum Highway is amazingly thorough! I think it's not only great for beginners but for advanced players.”

Grammy award winner and professor of percussion, Berklee College of Music

-Mark Walker

Here's Just Few Ways Drum Highway Will Help Your Students Progress!

  • The Breakdown Method will show your students exactly how to learn new grooves quicky, with less effort.

  • Drummers will more quickly understand the connection between styles used in Jazz, Afro-Cuban, Funk, Brazilian, Rock, and more!

  • They’ll know how to listen and make quick adjustments to handle uncertain situations when performing.

  • Your students will improve their technique, rudiments, and reading skills.

  • Use Drum Highway to explore world beats and how to use them in any style of music.

  • Students will achieve a new level of confidence knowing that they can play any style of music because they see the relationship between beats and styles.

Don't Just Take My Word For It.

Here's what some of my Most Succesful students And Top Educators have said...

"Josh is an amazing instructor. Our older daughter took lessons for almost 10 years and our younger son is currently a student. Even though they have different learning styles, Josh is a perfect fit for both."

— Doyle and Shannon Slifer

"Josh is an amazing drum teacher! He knows more about drumming than anyone I've ever met. When I first met Josh I knew next to nothing about drumming, but through his guidance I've gone through solo recitals, and performances with the Parkland College Orchestra. Now I'm transferring to the University of Illinois School of Music. Josh Quirk will teach you what you need to know about the art of percussion and music."  

— Justin Franklin

(Parkland College student) 

“Josh is an incredible instructor! I started taking drum lessons with him a year ago, with no previous music background. Now I am in a band and I just played my first gig!” 

— Jennifer Corbin

“Drum Highway is focused toward drummers, but no matter what your instrument you'll learn something useful from Josh Quirk's light-hearted but no-nonsense approach. If you want to be a pro, you need to know a little about everything. Josh will show you what you need to know, why it's important, and even pro tricks to get yourself out of a jam. (I loved the $50 fill!).”

— Dr. Peter Roubal D.M.A., 

Music Program Director, Parkland College

 “Video-based music websites and segments have existed on-line before, but Josh Quirk has extended the impact of proven instructional videos with a clear and energized set of materials for the drum student and music programs for children and adults. Drum Highway has been student tested by percussion students and private teachers to great success. It can motivate anyone to learn to apply basic skills to making creative, musical connections to performing.”

— Dr. G. David Peters,

Professor of Music, Indiana University- IUPUI, Head of Graduate Studies in Music Technology and Past President of Electronic Courseware Systems, Inc.

“Some drum books have clinical repetitive exercises based upon logical mathematical formulas. Josh Quirk’s Drum Highway is not one of those! It’s written by a real drummer and serious teacher. Josh’s book will improve your drumming while adding to your overall musicianship. It’s fun and it covers a lot of ground!

— Peter Magadini,

Author of Polyrhythms The Musicians Guide, Polyrhythms For The Drum Set, and

All-In-One: Learn to Play The Drum Set

Here's Everything You're Going To  Get With Drum Highway Today

10 Courses For Beginner & Intermediate Drummers

$470 Value  

Courses covering everything from how to hold sticks to the basic grooves, get to you jamming with others fast

The intermediate player can review the basics with the Drum Highway Method and go on to 200 level and world beat courses and quickly take their playing to new heights.

10 Courses For Beginner & Intermediate Drummers

Jazz, Rock, And World Beat Courses For All Skill Levels

$470 Value  

These courses break down all the basic styles and offer coordination exercises for the beginning to advanced drummer.

Jazz Auditions Course

$197 Value  

The Jazz Auditions Course is a band director's dream. Videos and PDFs for every groove your drummers would need for jazz band auditions. Jazz, Bossa, ¾, Afro-Cuban and more. Quick reference and full lessons all in one place.

Educator Resource

$197 Value  

The Educator Resource contains the best lessons to assist the band director in solving common drummer and percussion issues.

Dynamics, roll studies, starting jazz time backwards and more.

The Keep it Simple jazz band webinar can also be found in the Educator Resource. It was created for band directors. It’s filled with ideas and solutions for the jazz band director and their drummers.

Jazz Charts Decoded Course

$147 Value  

Jazz Charts Decoded is a 10 video series that shows exactly how to interpret and play any jazz band chart.

Understanding drum charts is long process. There is no other course like this with step-by-step instruction on everything from notation to song form to setting up figures.

The Drum Atlas

$147 Value  

Every exercise created for the Drum Highway book series. All the videos on Drum Highway are based on this text. Reading, Rudiments, Straight Eighth Grooves, Triplets Grooves, World Beats, Fills and tons of other information you won’t find anywhere else!

Over 600 pages!

After the concepts are learned from a video, The Drum Atlas is an endless resource of information and variations to work on.

5 Beats To Play 5 Million Songs

$27 Value  

An ebook and video package explaining the 5 most used beats, how to play them, and their connection to every style of music. A great resource for any musician!

Onscreen Notation

$97 Value  

Most of the lessons have onscreen notation. Makes it easy if students are practicing at home.

Many schools use Drum Highway lessons for percussion and drum technique classes. Project the videos and students can follow along!

Stop the video at any point you like to practice while the notation is on screen.

Play-A-Long Course

$97 Value  

Play-A-Longs for jazz and world beats are especially great for jazz band drummers wanting to lock in a groove before steering the full jazz band!

Lifetime Access To My Drummers Journal

$57 Value  

Through the years of practicing and playing gigs, hundreds of helpful ideas and thoughts come to mind.

The blog allows me to share these with the hope of helping directors and saving drummers the time, energy, and real-life stories of how to get out of sticky situations on gigs and studio sessions that I had to figure out in real time!

Let Me Sweeten The Pot For You Even More With These Instant Bonuses For Acting Now... 

Bonus #1  

The Drum Highway Practice Guide

Simple effective ways to organize and think about practice time and stay on track!

Bonus #2

30 Minute Master Class: Limited Time Offer!

You and your drummers will have a chance to talk about their musical goals and the best way to achieve them. I’m excited and want to help any way I can!

Total Value: $1,906 /year

All this today for only....

One payment of $397

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Without Drum Highway

  • Scattered Resources

  • No Structure

  • Detours

  • Confusion

With Drum Highway

  • Everything In One Place

  • Clear Direction

  • Saves Time

  • Fun!

Claim Your Access to DRUM HIGHWAY TODAY! 

Here's Everything You Get Today

10 Courses For Beginner & Intermediate Drummers

Jazz, Rock, And World Beat Courses For All Skill Levels

Jazz Auditions Course

Educator Resource

Jazz Charts Decoded Course

The Drum Atlas

5 Beats To Play 5 Million Songs

Onscreen Notation

Play-A-Long Course

Lifetime Access To My Drummers Journal

Bonus #1 – The Drum Highway Practice Guide.

Bonus #2 – 30 Minute Master Class: Limited Time Offer!

($470 Value)

($470 Value)

($197 Value)

($197 Value)

($147 Value)

($147 Value)

($27 Value)

($97 Value)

($97 Value)

($57 Value)

• 10 Courses For Beginner & Intermediate Drummers ($970 Value)

• Jazz Courses For All Skill Levels ($370 Value)

• Drum Highway Book 1: Straight Eighth eBook ($47 Value)

• My Triplet Cycle System Video Package ($27 Value)

• Onscreen Notation And Also PDF With Lessons ($77 Value)

• A Play-A-Long Course ($97 Value)

• Lifetime Access To My Blog ($57 Value)

Bonus #1 - Lifetime Access To Private Community ($147 Value)

Bonus #2 - A 30 Minute Private Online Session ($57 Value)

Total Value: $1,906/year

All this today for only....

One payment of $397

Or $197/year

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